Tenants Obligations

The tenant is responsible for:

Charges in respect of electricity, gas, water, telephone and council tax. He/she is responsible for arranging meter readings before commencement and on termination of the tenancy.

Keeping the property and the decoration clean and in a similar state to that shown on the schedule of condition when the property was first occupied and to report required repairs to the landlord.

Any redecoration to be agreed in writing with the landlord or the agent before commencement of works.

Maintaining the garden in a fit state of cultivation, weeding flower beds and cutting grass and the disposal of garden waste.

Checking regularly that batteries to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

At the start of the tenancy a Schedule of Condition and Inventory will be provided. Any queries on these must be raised in writing within seven days from the start of the tenancy. On termination of the tenancy, the Schedule of Condition and/or the Inventory are checked and the value of missing or damaged items, cleaning and remedial works are deducted from the deposit and the balance returned on completion.

Rent is payable monthly in advance. The first month’s rent, together with the deposit,  is payable on signing the agreement. Payment can be arranged via debit card, banker’s draft, building society cheque or cash. Personal cheques are not acceptable.

The tenant will allow the agent will carry out regular quarterly inspections.

After the initial term of the agreement the Tenant can give one month’s notice in writing of vacation.  The Landlord is required to give two months notice of possession to correspond with the commencement date of the lease.