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Fees for Tenants

Once a tenant has found a suitable property references will be taken up through a referencing agency and all adult occupiers over the age of 18 will be named as joint tenants on the agreement.

Referencing Fees as follows:-


£190 for the first applicant

£100 for each additional tenant aged over 18

£35 for a Guarantor should this be required

£250 Company Let

A £1 administration charge is levied if making any payment by debit card. 

A fee of 2% is levied if making any payment by credit card.

£50 Check out fee at the end of the Tenancy

£100 for the addition of a new tenant

£90 fee  for the preparation of a new tenancy agreement should this be required.


Subject to Landlord`s approval, if pets are permitted at the property then the deposit will be 2 x monthly rent to be held for the duration of the tenancy.   At  the end of the Tenancy the property will be professionally cleaned and treated for fleas/pests by contractors appointed by the agent or landlord,  the cost will be deducted from the deposit.


The rent can be paid by Standing Order, debit card or cash at the agent's office.   If the rent is paid by cheque, this needs to be paid 5 working days in advance to allow time for bank clearance. Interest will be charged on all rent outstanding at 14 days from the due date at the rate of 3% per month or part thereof.


Prospective tenants should note that the referencing fees are non refundable.

All of the above fees are inclusive of VAT.



Tenants Obligations

The tenant is responsible for:

Charges in respect of electricity, gas, water, telephone and council tax. He/she is responsible for arranging meter readings before commencement and on termination of the tenancy.

Keeping the property and the decoration clean and in a similar state to that shown on the schedule of condition when the property was first occupied and to report required repairs to the landlord.

Any redecoration to be agreed in writing with the landlord or the agent before commencement of works.

Maintaining the garden in a fit state of cultivation, weeding flower beds and cutting grass and the disposal of garden waste.

Checking regularly that batteries to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

At the start of the tenancy a Schedule of Condition and Inventory will be provided. Any queries on these must be raised in writing within seven days from the start of the tenancy. On termination of the tenancy, the Schedule of Condition and/or the Inventory are checked and the value of missing or damaged items, cleaning and remedial works are deducted from the deposit and the balance returned on completion.

Rent is payable monthly in advance. The first month's rent, together with the deposit, which is equal to one month's rent plus £100, is payable on signing the agreement. Payment can be arranged via debit card, banker's draft, building society cheque or cash. Personal cheques are not acceptable.

The tenant will allow the agent will carry out regular quarterly inspections.

After the initial term of the agreement the Tenant can give one month’s notice in writing of vacation.  The Landlord is required to give two months notice of possession to correspond with the commencement date of the lease.


Emergency Procedures for Tenants

From time to time there may be an emergency situation and you require immediate assistance.

Smell of Gas – Call National Grid Emergency on 0800 111 999

Blocked Sewer/Drains/WC – if these are shared with adjoining occupiers then call Anglian Water on 03457 145 145


If you have an out of hours genuine emergency then you should  call our offices on 01933 233910 where a message will give you the details of the appropriate contractor to contact.

Should tenants call out contractors when an emergency repair is not justified then the tenant will be liable for all costs.


Advice for Tenants

Burst Pipes

Turn off the water at the main stopcock – if you have a water meter then you can turn off the mains water at the meter.

Open all taps to drain the system

Call our offices

Leaking Pipes

Place a dish/bowl under the leaking pipe to catch water and prevent further damage

Take back any carpets if appropriate and put down towels/newspaper to soak up any water

No Electricity

Check for power cut in the area

Open cover of the fuse box of easily accessible.  Check to see if any of the switches have tripped to the “Off” position and put them all back to “On”.

Most cases of tripped switched are caused by appliances or overloaded sockets so check all yo0ur appliances.

Washing Machine not working

The filter may be blocked – Tenants are responsible for checking the filter regularly to ensure the machine is kept free of blockages.

Should tenants require assistance in plumbing in of their own appliance then we do have contractors who can do this for you where a cost will be chargeable.

Blocked Sinks

The most common cause of water not draining away is blocked sinks and is usually caused by a build up of limescale or food.  In the first instance tenants should buy a drain/sink unblocker which is available from most supermarkets and DIY stores and follow the instructions.

Bleeding a Radiator

Radiators not heating up could be sign that the radiators need bleeding – This task is easily performed by tenants but if you are having difficulty then call out offices where we will be happy to assist.

Tenants should note that if they do bleed a radiator they should ensure that the pump is switched off and the boiler may need re-pressurising – Please call our offices should you need any assistance and tenants should not attempt this task if they are unsure.




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